Back To The Past: Pac-Man Vs.

Connectivity, connectivity, connectivity – that’s all that Nintendo has talked about before. Up to now, this idea has been nothing to brag about. However, the true power of connectivity comes forth in Pac-Man Vs.

The mastermind behind the game is none other than Shigeru Miyamoto: you know, the guy who created Mario and Zelda. When Miyamoto is behind something, it’s guaranteed to be good. Pac-Man Vs. is no exception.


It is simple enough. It’s Pac-Man. That is, it’s the same game that was seen in arcades in the 80’s. There’s a new twist to it, though. One player controls Pac-Man, and the others control the ghosts.

Furthermore, the ghost players use the TV to which the Gamecube is hooked up, and the Pac-Man player uses the GBA. Nowadays, after using handheld game consoles, this is not an innovative idea, but anyway, this is how it works.

The Pac-Man player also gets to see the entire board. What he sees is the arcade version. Each ghost player, however, only sees a portion of the board and must work together to hunt down Pac-Man.

The Pac-Man player earns points by eating fruit, dots, and ghosts (after he gets a power pellet). When a ghost player gets Pac-Man, those players switch, and the Pac-Man player must give a portion of his points to the ghost player that got him. All the players are vying to get to a certain amount of points, set before the game begins.


The graphics are not that great, but they’re not expected to be. On the GBA, it is a very retro-style view of an arcade Pac-Man game. On the TV screen, it is basically the same, but in 3D.


Also, there are a few different boards to play on. While there is little difference to the GBA for each board, the TV side gets different backgrounds anything from the classic blue and black to a multicolored jungle theme.

The sound is also very reminiscent of the arcade version. Right down to the sound of Pac-Man eating the pac-dots, the sounds stay true to the original game.


The only downside to the game is that it seems to run a little slow. This game really needs to be fast-paced and exciting, so the decelerated speed takes away from the experience just a little.

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