Golf Tips for Winter Practice:

This is the time of year that many northern golfers head to the range to beat balls for the winter months. The truth is, hitting a lot of balls over the winter can actually hurt your game on the course if you are practising wrong technique and don’t have goals.

The goal of winter practice is to be able to hit the course in the spring and score well. Good practice on technique is helpful but I suggest simulating games on the range.


To finish give yourself a two putt unless you know you have hit it within three feet. You can keep track of penalties, and how many balls you had to hit from the rough and judge your game accordingly. At the end you can keep a score, or just keep track of fairways and greens hit.

This will not only help you concentrate better, but will help you focus on target and strategy. It also slows you down between shots so you don’t get into smacking one ball after the other. Get a partner to do this with you and get some competitive pressure as well. Some of your friends will love this as an alternative to beating golf balls. When finished you can then immediately work on shots you had trouble with during your simulated game.

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