N-Gage QD Review

Not the best handheld gaming console, but it was a huge improvement nonetheless!

After an admitted failure with the N-Gage, and several release date changes for their improved model, the American market finally has a chance to experience N-Gage gaming the way it should be.


The N-Gage QD takes the great gaming power of the N-Gage and presents it in a much cleaner, easier-to-use format. Above that, it’s also a better cell phone.

No one’s unaware of why the original N-Gage failed: it just had an unpleasant design to it. Using it as a phone required you to “side-talk”, and changing games had you taking apart the entire device.

But that is all changed with the fully improved N-Gage QD. On the QD, the earpiece is at the top-right of the system, just next to the keypad, and the microphone is under the call button, making it much more convenient.


Also, changing games is now much easier. In similar fashion to past and present handheld gaming devices, there’s a hot-swappable game card reader located directly under the numerical buttons. Just take out the card and put a new one in.

The buttons are a little more depressed than those of the original N-Gage. This makes for easier button input, but also makes it tougher to differentiate between the buttons.


When you’re playing a game, you don’t have time to look down and check that your thumb is on the correct button, and with the depressed keys, it makes it more of a challenge to go from one button to another in a game.


The screen is also stretched out more, making side-scrollers and racing games much more appealing to the eyes, as you can actually see what’s going on around you. While it’s still not completely optimal for a gamer, it is a huge improvement, and often causes no problems.

Most of the features from the original N-Gage are still here. However, the MP3 player and FM radio tuner were taken out, mainly to reach a lower price-point.

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